Welcome Students & Early Career Scientists!

Attending a conference is a professionally rewarding experience. The ACA Annual Meeting offers everything you need to further your studies or enhance your career. Special events, Etter Student Lecture awards, poster prizes, networking opportunities, discounts on registration and hotel, and opportunities for travel support are all designed especially to meet the needs of students, postdocs, and early career scientists. 

The ACA wishes to be make our annual meetings inclusive to all students and scientists interested in the study of structural science. The ACA offers several financial assistance programs for members, students and early-career scientists. 

The ACA understands that student and early career scientists face many challenges when attending a scientific conferences and the most major is often the cost of registration and/or housing. In addition to the travel grant program the ACA provides the following:

  • REGISTRATION: The ACA has always and continues to price registration rates for students at almost 45% off a regular member for a postdoc member registration and almost 55% off of a regular member registration for a student member.  If this is your first ACA meeting, when you register, sign up for a meeting mentor and the ACA will connect you with a veteran ACA meeting-goer who can guide you through the events and networking opportunities at ACA2022.

    • The ACA has established a travel grant program for students and young scientists looking for financial assistance to attend the ACA Annual Meeting (the deadline for 2022 application has passed).  Those interested must apply and be accepted. Funds are to help offset travel and travel-related expenses. Preference will be given to those presenting a paper.  
    • Etter Student Lecturer Awards:  Selections are based upon submitted abstracts and are independent of whether the student presenter originally requested an oral or poster presentation. Award winners are determined by the elected officers of the SIGs. Students who accept the invitation will receive a monetary award of $250, which is independent of any requests for support via the ACA Travel Awards.
  • ROOM RATES: The ACA has worked with the Portland Marriott to negotiate discounted room rates for our ACA2022 attendees and even greater discounted rates for ACA2022 student attendees.  

  • ROOMMATE MATCHING: The ACA has launched a roommate matching program for 2022.  Sharing a room with another ACA member can be both socially and financially beneficial. 

  • SPECIAL YOUNG SCIENTISTS ORIENTATED EVENTS: The ACA offers a number of formal and informal opportunities for you to mingle and interact with professors, students and industry professionals throughout. As a student and/or postdoc, all of the following social events are included in the registration fee for students and postdocs:
NEW New Attendee Orientation
7/29/2022 @ 5:00:00 PM - 6:30:00 PM
KEY Welcome & Keynote 
7/29/2022 @ 6:30:00 PM - 7:30:00 PM
WEL Welcome Reception
7/29/2022 @ 7:30:00 PM - 10:30:00 PM
TMT 3-Minute-Thesis
7/30/2022 @ 11:30:00 AM - 1:00:00 PM
 YMIX YSIG mixer
7/30/2022 @ 7:30:00 PM - 9:00:00 PM
2.3.1 Would You Publish This
7/31/2022 @ 7:30:00 PM - 9:00:00 PM