Session Chair Resources

Acting as a session chair is an important responsibility and service to our society. The annual meeting would not be possible without the dedication and support of our session chairs and we appreciate all of the time and effort you have devoted to the ACA!

This page will be updated with pertinent information and resources both prior to and during the meeting.  Make sure to check back often for updates and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ACA HQ.  

Make sure to review all of ACA's statements and policies, especially as they pertain to the annual meeting:

Conference Policy
Speaker Invitation Policy
Reporting Policy
Code of Conduct Policy

Session Fundraising

The ACA truly values its members and meeting attendees but another important component is the assistance and support of our sponsors. Sponsorship can take many forms and can be a very mutually beneficial relationship.  Session sponsorship is dedicated to offsetting registration and travel fees of speakers.  
How to Solicit Sponsorship
Sponsorship Opportunities


Your session time slot is noted in our online program schedule. The schedule has been adjusted for the virtual conference to take into account the fact that presenters and audience are spread around the world. Make sure you also check the schedule the day before your presentation to verify the details.

Information about how you will access the various rooms of the #vACAmtg2020 will be sent to you before the start of the conference.

Program Schedule 2020
Workshop Schedule

How to Access Your Session

STEP ONE: Go to the abstract portal and log in. 

STEP TWO: Click on the DASHBOARD link in the upper left corner. 

STEP THREE: Click on the SESSION BUILDER link in the menu. 

All of the sessions you are assigned as session chair will appear on this screen. 

STEP FOUR: Click on ADD PRESENTATION to review the abstracts submitted to your session. 

All of the abstracts submitted to your session will appear on this screen.  Click on the title to view or add  the proposal to your session. 


Instructions & Organizing Your Session

The abstract portal link is below as well as PDF instructions with illustrations in connection with the ACA's 2020 program.  

Abstract Portal
Session Chair Instructions: Review All Submitted Abstracts
Session Chair Instructions: View & Add Abstracts to Your Session

Make sure that the speakers are in the order in which they are to present.  Also, a reminder that when scheduling sessions, there is a 30 minute mandatory break from 1-1:30 PM each day!

When your session is organized to your satisfaction, please complete this form.  

Questions?  Contact ACA HQ.