Room Sharing

Sharing a room with another ACA member can be both socially and financially beneficial.  If you are interested in finding another conference attendee to share a room with, please complete the Roommate Matching Form below. This information will be made accessible only to other ACA members seeking to share a room. Attendees are responsible to make contact with others on their list, reach a mutual agreement to share a room, coordinate financial arrangements and reserve a room directly with the hotel (please note that reservations must be made by a student/postdoc to receive that reduced rate.  Once you have found a roommate please send an email to ACA-HQ advising that you have found a roommate so that we can remove your name from the list.

Roommate Matching Application 
New for 2022! 

The first FIVE (5) pairs roommates who contact the ACA with a hotel confirmation number at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront will receive ONE (1) complimentary room night. Names of both roommates must be indicated and both must have found each other through this service.

This service is strictly for facilitating contact between potential roommates and does not guarantee availability. It is the responsibility of each individual to contact anyone with whom they wish to share a room.  Once contact is made, attendees will have to coordinate financial arrangements and reserve a room directly with the hotel. The ACA is providing this roommate matching process for the benefit of its meeting attendees. Those participating indicate they understand that any information distributed for the roommate matching will not be checked for accuracy and participants must use individual discretion and accept sole responsibility for their use of the service. The ACA expressly disclaims any responsibility for, and any and all liabilities resulting from, any information or communication exchanged between users of the roommate matching form.