ACA Annual Meeting Registration Information

The ACA 2022 Annual Meeting will be onsite at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront from July 29 - August 2, 2022 with a hybrid component allowing registered virtual attendees to access a curated list of live-streamed content.  

Everyone must submit a registration form (including session chairs, invited speakers, etc.) with the appropriate fee. Registered participants will receive confirmation of registration after completion of the form and payment.  Workshop registration fees are additional to the conference registration but will be included in your total at checkout. 


In-Person Member
In-Person Non-Member
Virtual Member
Virtual Non-Member

Please note! The ACA is committed to providing a safe, productive, and welcoming environment in which to learn. All participants, including, but not limited to, attendees, speakers, sponsors, volunteers, ACA staff, service providers, and others are expected to abide by the ACA Code of Conduct and all health & safety policies in effect for the event.  All participants at ACA2022 whether a presenter, attendee, exhibitor, vendor, guest, or staff are required to be fully vaccinated, and if eligible, must have received a booster (see more details on vaccination requirements).  


In-Person Registration Information

All individuals attending the conference must pay a registration fee. All workshops and educational session presenters must be registered!

Standard conference registration includes the following:
    • Access to all general and concurrent sessions
    • Access to all session abstracts and meeting pages
    • Coffee Breaks during the general and concurrent sessions
    • Entry to the Exhibit Show
    • Access to all three poster sessions
    • Entry to the Welcome Reception 
    • Entry to the Closing Banquet
    • YSIG Mixer Ticket (For Students & PostDocs Only)
    • Access to the conference mobile app

In-Person Registration Rates

(Before May 31, 2022)

(After May 31, 2022)
    Member   Non-Member     Member   Non-Member
Regular $595   $795   $795   $1,085
Retired  $325   $350   $390   $390
PostDoc  $325   $440   $390   $540
Grad/UnderGrad $275   $375   $385   $475
Local Student*  $100        $100    
Guest (16 and Over)  $150        $150    

*One day registration at $100.00 is available to local ACA students and Postdocs. Local means: a person enrolled at a college or university that is located within 150 miles of the city of Portland, Oregon.

Registration must be submitted on or before 11:00 PM., EST, May 31, 2022, to be eligible for the early registration rate. On or after May 31, 2022, registration will be accepted at the higher rate. On-site registration will also be available at the higher rate. Fees for workshops and social events are separate from the registration fee but will be included in final total at checkout. Purchase orders not accepted. A $35 fee applies to returned checks.  Registration fees must be paid in USD. 

The non-member meeting registration rate includes an ACA login for the remainder of the calendar year.  In order to access the meeting site attendees will need to have an ACA login.  After registering as a non-member you will receive information with direction on creating an ACA account.  

During these unusual times, we encourage our members who are experiencing financial difficulties and are in need of assistance to attend the ACA Annual Meeting to contact ACA HQ to obtain the information necessary to apply for a hardship request.


ACA & M&M 2022 

Located among some of the most impressive natural landscapes, Portland is known for its vibrant culture and picturesque cityscape.  So it was no surprise when ACA and Microscopy and Microanalysis (M&M) discovered that their annual meetings overlap in time and take place just across from each other on either side of the beautiful Willamette River.  

ACA and M&M are taking advantage of this opportunity to offer a special registration opportunity for attendees.

If you are registered to attend M&M2022, the ACA is offering registered M&M2022 attendees the opportunity to attend any of the workshops taking place on Friday, July 29th for only the cost of workshop registration. Further, the ACA is inviting all M&M2022 attendees to register for a one-day pass to attend any of the sessions on Saturday, July 30th at a special one-day rate.

If you are a registered ACA attendee, M&M has graciously extended the opportunity to register for any of the Sunday Short Courses offered at M&M2022 at only the cost of the short course fee. Further, ACA attendees are welcome to register for a one-day pass to attend M&M2022 at their member rate.

If you are an ACA attendee and want to register to attend M&M please click here to register If you are an M&M attendee and want to register to attend ACA please click here to register


Hybrid Registration Information

If you prefer to attend virtually, there will be a curated digital experience for this year’s ACA annual meeting including livestreams of some of the most popular content.   All hybrid attendees must register and be an ACA member in order to access the private meeting sites.  

Hybrid Registration will close on July 8, 2022!

Standard conference registration includes the following:
  • Access to the livestream of the keynote and selected sessions listed on the Hybrid Program page.
  • Access to all session abstracts and meeting pages
  • App directory of attendees
  • App directory of exhibitors with contacts 
  • Access to the virtual poster gallery
  • Access to the conference mobile app

Hybrid Registration Rates
















*The Non-Member rate includes an ACA membership for the remainder of the 2022 year.   


Meeting Mentors/Mentees

New this year! The ACA recognizes that attending a national conference can sometimes be both exciting and a bit overwhelming. If you are a first-time attendee, we encourage you to become a mentee where you will be connected with a veteran ACA meeting-goer who can guide you through the events and networking opportunities at ACA2022.  If you are a multiple year attendee, we encourage you to volunteer to be a mentor. Mentors serve as friends and advisors for their mentees and assist them with navigating the conference.  To join the program click the YES! box on your registration form.  


Registration Confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email at the address you provided under your registration information during purchase. Please ensure that your email address is correct when registering. If you register as a non-member you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up a profile and obtain an ACA login to submit an abstract.  


In-Person & Hybrid Meeting Registration Refund Policy

  • Cancellation requests should be made in writing to ACA Headquarters.
  • Requests received on or before June 1, 2022, will receive 100% of the total remittance.
  • Requests received between June 1, 2022 and July 2, 2022 will be honored minus 50% of the total remittance*.
  • Fees will not be refunded after July 2, 2022*. 
  • Purchase orders not accepted.
  • A $35 fee applies to returned checks.

*COVID-19 Refund Policy: After July 2, 2022 – Any in-person base registration may be rolled over to 2023 registration for anyone who has contracted COVID-19, needs to quarantine, or needs to care for a family member with COVID-19. The registration may also be 100% rolled over to 2023.  In extreme cases, when the rollover option will not work, we may make exceptions, at the association's sole discretion to the refund policy. Any "no-shows" to the annual meeting will not receive a rollover to 2023, except in the case of rare extenuating circumstances.


Special Needs

Participants with special needs arising from a disability are invited to contact the ACA HQ to discuss appropriate accommodations.



We know that many of us are wearing multiple hats, employee, parent, teacher, conference goer. Please know the ACA understands and encourages parents to attend. Please know that ACA2022 is child-friendly both on site and in the hybrid space.


Code of Conduct

By registering for the meeting, participant agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct Policy established by the Council, March 24, 2016.


Health & Safety Guidelines

The ACA is working closely with the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront to follow state and local safety measures and provide the safest environment for conference attendees. To adhere to the current COVID-19 safety measures, all ACA2022 participants will be required to wear a mask and provide proof of full vaccination and boosted prior to the event. Participants will also be required to sign a COVID-19 waiver during the registration process. For more information, please visit our ACA: Health & Safety Guidelines page, which will be updated regularly.  


Speaker Policy

The ACA Council is pleased to announce the adoption of the Speaker Policy.


Photo/Video Release

ACA will take photographs and video at the meeting. By registering for the meeting and its associated events, you agree to allow ACA to use your photo and/or video footage of you in our publications, materials, websites, or promotions.


Prohibition of Recording/Copying of Material

As part of registration, attendees will be required to agree not to capture, retain, or distribute any of the presentations or material associated with the ACA Annual Meeting.


Privacy Policy 

The American Crystallographic Association (ACA) respects the privacy of members and operates according to the Privacy Policy as outlined on the ACA homepage.