Preparation & Presentation

Virtual Display

The virtual poster display will be hosted on the ACA website, formatted as galleries and categorized by poster session. These galleries will be accessible to ACA members only, who will have to log into their accounts to view content (see poster gallery sample). 

You are the copyright holder of the work presented on your poster. You may want to review About The Licenses: Creative Commons licensing, and choose to display this information on your poster.

While posters will not be publicly accessible, members will be able to view and download any content that is submitted. The ACA considers reuse of poster material (including any form of transmission/upload/or otherwise making available a poster) without the explicit consent of the copyright holder to be unethical, and possibly illegal, but distribution of material may still have implications for intellectual property and publication.


Poster Preparation

For information on how to prepare a poster presentation for the virtual meeting, click on the link below to view the webinar by 2020 Poster Chairs, Louise Dawe and Tiffany Kinnibrugh, on how to prepare a poster for ACA virtual meeting 2020.  [SLIDES ONLY] Further information can be found from former ACA poster program chair Ilia Guzei, who has compiled recommendations and resources for poster presentations.



Poster Submission

Upon abstract acceptance, instructions for poster submission will be sent to your email address.

Posters must be submitted by July 24, 2020. There will be a fee charged for the submission of late posters.  

A single updated version of the poster may be submitted up until the above deadline. Further edits or updates provided after the deadline can be made, but this will be treated as a late submission, with an associated fee.

You will need to submit the title and assigned abstract number (which can be found when you log into the abstract portal and click on "My Submissions").  

The dimensions of the poster should be 4 feet (48 inches; 120 cm) wide x 3 feet (36 inches; 90 cm) tall, in landscape orientation. This is to maximize display on a computer (most monitors are not square, so a 4’ x 4’ poster would not be making optimal use of space).

Poster must be submitted as either:

If the poster is submitted for a poster prize an audio file is required. Any audio files longer than 3-minutes will not be considered for judging.

When ready, click the link below and submit your poster! 

Poster Submission Portal

Poster Help

For technical assistance in submitting your abstract or poster, please contact [email protected]