2020 ACA Annual Meeting Team

The ACA could not hold its annual meeting each year without the amazing commitment of program chairs, poster chairs, session chairs, volunteers and headquarters.   Thank you to everyone involved!

Program Chair Program Chair Poster Chair Poster Chair 

Carla Slebodnick

Nozomi Ando Louise Dawe  Tiffany Kinnibrugh


Meeting Committee MemberMeeting Committee MemberMeeting Committee MemberMeeting Committee Member
Steve Ginell Carla Slebodnick Nozomi Ando Brandon Mercado


ACA Headquarters

Headquarters is always happy to help with anything ACA related, whether it be membership, meeting registration or abstract submission.  If you have a question please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Contact Us: [email protected]

Kristin Stevens [Director of Administrative Services]: [email protected]

Kristina Vitale [Membership Secretary]: [email protected]