Meeting Mentors Program

To assist our newest annual meeting attendees, this year we have established the Meeting Mentor/Mentee Program.  It is our goal to create a space where all attendees, regardless of how many ACA meetings they have attended or what career level they are at, to be able to be welcomed to our community and get to experience all of the amazing sessions, events and networking opportunities that an ACA annual meeting provides.  



If this is your first ACA meeting, when you register, sign up for a meeting mentor and the ACA will connect you with a veteran ACA meeting-goer who can guide you through the events and networking opportunities at ACA2022.  The request for a meeting mentor can be found on the registration form.  



If you have been to at least one ACA meeting and think that you could help someone else love the ACA as much as you do, would you volunteer to become a Meeting Companion?  If so, please indicate your willingness to participate on the registration form.