Conference Platform

This year abstracts will be hosted by the Oxford Abstract system and can be found in the link below.  Oxford contains all of the abstracts, an attendee directory and the poster gallery.  We encourage everyone, attendees, presenters, exhibitors to create an Oxford Abstract system profile in order to access the abstracts and schedule.  

Please note that there will be no official "conference app" this year as Oxford Abstracts is designed to be accessible from various devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Its responsive design ensures that participants can access the conference information and manage their submissions from their preferred mobile browsers without the need for a dedicated app.


Quick Links

We highly encourage all attendees to create a profile in the Oxford Abstract system but for quick reference:

Oxford Abstracts Login
Poster Gallery


Will there be a printed schedule?

No.  In the pursuit of a more environmentally friendly conference we do not print the schedule.  Once you have a profile in Oxford Abstracts you can create a profile and bookmark sessions and reach out to other attendees.   For information on how to print abstracts in a specific session please scroll down.  To download the entire conference, upon logging in, simply click the "download" icon in the title bar.  


Creating a Profile

While you can visit all of the sessions and read all of the abstracts we highly recommend that you create an Oxford Abstract profile.  By creating a profile you can upload a photo, contact information, create a schedule and talk to other attendees.  To get started go to the ACA2023 Baltimore platform and click "Create an Account" and simply follow the instructions.  


How do I See the Schedule?  

Once logged into the conference platform you will find the first page listed is SAT 8, you can click on any of these days to quickly find the events scheduled.  Please note that Monday and Tuesday may seem blank but they are just further in the chart - always remember to scroll down and to the right.  

Once you find a session that you are interested in viewing and a pop up with the title, location and session chairs.  To view the abstracts in the session click on the "View Session" button.  


At this point the date, time and location of the session along with the name, session chairs and description will pop up.  Below you will see the list of abstracts and their talk times. You can drill down and view each abstract individually by simply clicking on the title. 


Click on the calendar icon to add the session to your calendar.   Click on the download icon and save a PDF of the session's schedule and abstracts to your computer or tablet.



Will there be a list of attendees along with their contact information?

The ACA will no longer be providing lists of attendees (along with contact information) to other attendees or vendors.  The Oxford Abstract program has a chat feature and we encourage everyone to make make a profile, add a photo and contact information and reach out!  In the chat box on the right side of the screen you can reach out to any of the attendees that have created a profile.  Just click on the message icon and the system will walk you through sending a message.