Call for Papers

The ACA cordially invites submissions of individual paper abstracts for the 2021 ACA Annual Conference. The conference will be held July 30–August 5, 2021 in a virtual format. The theme is: Structural Science Awakens. While the ACA welcomes papers related to the conference theme however a tie to theme is not mandatory.

Why submit an abstract?  
Career Development: Enhance your CV as a presenting author or volunteer.
Publication: Abstracts are archived in Acta Crystallographica Section A (2019, 2018, & 2017 - 2020 Coming Soon!)
Helpful Feedback: Get insightful thoughts on your research from your peers and colleagues.


TO SUBMIT AN ABSTRACT - You must be registered to attend the ACA Annual Meeting in order to submit an abstract.  Registering for the meeting will ensure that you will have an ACA profile to log in to submit an abstract to the system.  

2021 General topics include:

  • Best Practice for Data Analysis & Archiving
  • Biological Macromolecules
  • Cryo-EM
  • Fiber
  • General Interest
  • Industrial
  • Light Sources
  • Materials
  • Neutrons
  • Powder
  • Service
  • Small Angle Scattering
  • Small Molecules

Specific sessions are planned following the following topics:

1.1.4 Total Scattering: New Insights in Condensed Matter
1.1.3 Microcrystal Electron Diffraction
1.1.1 General Interest 1
1.1.2 Mapping Free Energy Landscapes of Molecular Machines
2.2.3 Economics of Crystallography
4.2.3 Sample Prep for Cryo-EM and Crystallography
1.2.1 Instrumentation for Time-Resolved Experiments
2.3.1 Open exchanges in crystallographic education
1.2.2 Materials for Sustainability and Energy
1.2.4 Redox Enzymes by Multiple Approaches
1.1.1 General Interest 2
2.1.3 Latest software developments in cryo-EM
2.1.5 Rosalind Franklin: 101st Anniversary
2.1.4 Magnetic Structure Determination: Advances and Applications
2.1.1 Evolving Enzymes
4.1.4 Large-Scale Facility Upgrades
4.2.5 Structure-based drug design
2.2.5 What can & can't we see reliably at resolution X?
2.2.1 AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science Approaches in Crystallography
2.2.4 Membrane protein structure in membrane and membrane-mimic environments
2.2.2 Computing & Data Management
4.1.2 Cool Structures
4.1.5 Structural Biology of Infectious Diseases
3.1.3 PXRD with Multimodal and Multidisciplinary Approaches
3.1.5 What I Learned from My First Structures
3.1.1 Advances in Detector Technology
3.1.2 Complementarity among structural methods
4.2.4 Self Assembly in Soft Matter Systems
4.2.2 Meeting the Challenges of Raw Data Deposition
Marilyn M. Olmstead Memorial Session
4.2.1 Crystallization on the International Space Station
3.2.3 Evolution and Impact of Targeted Protein Degradation in Industry
3.2.4 Getting the first crystal
3.2.5 Quantum Materials: Magnetism, Correlation, and Topology in Condensed Matter
3.2.2 Deciphering chiral structures in soft materials via correlative approach of X-ray, Neutron scattering, and Electron Microscopy
4.1.1 BioWAXS: experiment and interpretation

All submitted abstracts will be accepted to the #ACAmtg2021 program.

The deadline to submit an abstract for an oral presentation is May 23rd. Once the portal has closed, session chairs will review and select abstracts for their session. While the sessions do invite speakers, forty percent of scheduled talks will come from contributed abstracts.

On or after June 21st speakers will be notified if their abstract was selected for an oral presentation. Authors will be notified of this as well as the date and time for their presentation via email.

Any abstracts not selected for an oral presentation will be offered a poster presentation. Poster presenters will be notified that their abstract was selected for a poster presentation on or after July 5th and authors will be notified via email. Information on uploading a poster will also be issued via email on or after July 5.

We hope that you are interested in taking part in #ACAmtg2021 and welcome you to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation.

Questions?  Contact ACA HQ.