We hope that you are interested in taking part in #vACAmtg2020 and welcome you to submit a paper or poster for presentation. 

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Fees: There are no submission fees, but the deadline and the submission guidelines will be strictly enforced and you must be registered for the meeting prior to submitting an abstract. Please read the instructions below before beginning your submission.

Who May Submit an Abstract: There is no abstract submission fee however the system does require that you be an ACA member and submit before the deadline. Need to renew your membership? Renew online today.

Authors: The presenting author must be listed first. No one may be first author on more than one abstract unless the session specifically states that this rule does not apply.

Invited Presentations: Abstracts for invited presentations must be submitted in the same manner as those for contributed papers and are subject to the same applicable abstract fees and deadlines.


Acceptance/Scheduling: Any and all submitted abstracts will be accepted to the vACAmtg2020 program.   You will not be notified of of your acceptance. Please check the ACA website, approximately three months before the meeting for the scheduled date and time of your presentation.