ACA Annual Meeting Award Winners

The ACA recognizes distinguished achievement in the field of crystallography to both mature and early career crystallographers through the presentation of various annual awards and prizes.  Read more about ACA awards and how you can submit a nomination.  

In 2021 we celebrate: 

Jacqueline M. Cole: Bertram Eugene Warren Diffraction Physics Award 
Tuesday, 8/3/2021 @ 11AM - 12 PM ET

The Warren Diffraction Physics Award was established in 1970 by students and friends of  Professor B.E. Warren on the occasion of his retirement from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  The award recognizes an important recent contribution to the physics of solids or liquids using X-ray, neutron, or electron diffraction techniques. Works published within a six-year period ending June 30 of the year preceding the Award may be nominated. Read about this years winner, Jacqueline M. Cole.



Wah Chiu:  M.J. Buerger Award
Monday, 8/2/2021 @ 11AM - 12 PM ET

"CryoEM Structures of Macromolecules"

The ACA MJ Buerger Award was established in 1983 and first awarded in 1985.  This award recognizes mature scientists who have made contributions of exceptional distinction in areas of interest to the ACA. There are no restrictions as to nationality, race, sex, religion, or membership in the ACA. Awarded triennially in memory of Martin J. Buerger, Institute Professor Emeritus of M.I.T. and University Professor Emeritus of the University of Connecticut, a mineralogist who made major contributions to many areas of crystallography. Read about this years winner: Wah Chiu.


Julia V. Zaikina: Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award
Sunday, 8/1/2021 @ 11AM - 12 PM ET

"How to discover new solids containing alkali metals: predictive screening, facile synthesis and in situ studies"

This year we award the Etter EArly Career Award to Julia V. Zaikina. The ACA Etter award was establishe din 2002 to recognize outstanding achievement and exceptional potential in crystallographic research demonstrated by a scientist at an early stage of their independent career. The award is established to honor the memory of Professor Margaret C. Etter (1943-1992), who was a major contributor to the field of organic solid-state chemistry. Her work particularly emphasized the use of hydrogen bonds and co-crystals. In addition to a large body of experimental work she was the major force in devising a set of rules known as graph sets to describe hydrogen bonds in a way that revealed similarities between structures without being tied up in the crystallographic details. Her experience teaching at an undergraduate institution and in working in both an industrial and academic setting gave her an unusually broad perspective from which to mentor students and to support and encourage colleagues. She had a love for people, for science, and especially for people who do science, that we honor. Read more about this years winner: Julia V. Zaikina.