Workshop 7: Visualizing Structure

Date/Time: Friday, July 29, 2022 @ 8:00 AM PT
Location: ROOM TBA

Portland Marriott Downtown, Portland, Oregon

Organizational Contact: Nichole Valdez



Chemical structure, whether it be molecular or crystallographic, is an inherently three-dimensional property that is most often displayed on two-dimensional surfaces, such as printed images or computer screens. These surfaces can limit the way we interact with, teach, and study chemical structure. This workshop presents the latest hardware and software for bringing structure to life, and is aimed at crystallographers of all disciplines. The full-day workshop will start in the morning with short presentations about the featured software and will open up after lunchtime for hands-on demonstrations with small groups. 



Nichole Valdez
Martina Maritan
Michael Aristov
Matthew Brown
Louise Dawe




































 Start EndInstructor/Topic 
9:00 12:00 Morning Overview of Methods
  9:10 Software Installation and Opening Remarks, Nichole Valdez
 9:10 9:40 Crystallography in Virtual Reality with Nanome, Martina Martin
 9:40 10:10 Structure Visualization with Blender, Michael Aristov
 10:10 10:40 Small Molecule and Mineral Methods: CrystalMaker, Nichole Valdez
10:40 11:00 Break
 11:00 11:30 3D Printing Structures, Matthew Brown
 11:30 12:00 Time for Questions, Software Installation, and Troubleshooting
12:00 1:00  LUNCH ON YOUR OWN
1:00 6:00 Afternoon: Hands-On Experience
1:00 1:30 Choosing the Most Effective Images for Publications, Louise Dawe
1:30 4:30

Hands-On Demonstrations in Small Groups
Suggested rotation every hour
Nanome VR
3D Printing